Ex Nihilo



EX NIHILO is a Parisian perfume house.
An alternative to stereotyped luxury products, an alternative to the mass personalisation. Inspired by both the creative avant-garde and the French spirit of pure refinement, we aim to share our own conception of luxury, in bringing to the fore the pinnacle of know-how and the most splendid raw materials in perfumery.

EX NIHILO draws its’ inspiration from the iconoclast and free thinkers: from emerging talents in perfumery and architecture, to passionate designers and hardcore glass-blowers. In opening new collaborative paths between perfume creators, the latest technology and the artistic community, we will try to respond to the demands and desires of a passionate generation searching for the most inspiring discoveries and sensations.

" Our references come as much from perfumery as from design or architecture.
We support a transversal philosophy of creation, and intend to create synergies and collaborations.”

“ Ex Nihilo is a brand of convictions: it challenges as much as it unites the modern and the ancient, tradition and avant-garde.
We want to make an impression.”

“ The true cornerstone of our project is the search for the highest standard of quality and the exploitation of the best know-how through an innovative prism.”

“ There is nothing contradictory to marry secular savoir-faire with innovation to create a contemporary and wholly new result.”

The founders

Olivier Royère

Olivier was born in Stockholm, to a Swedish mother and a French father. This double heritage, equally embraced, was enriched by his nomadic life in the footsteps of a diplomat father: Stockholm, Manila, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Quebec, Paris… a kaleidoscope of images, sounds, transmitted sensations and parallel odours.


His first significant olfactory memories: a reception in the heat of the tropical gardens of the French embassy in the Philippines. His childhood cradled in his mother’s perfume, Joy by Jean Patou, and in his grandfather’s delicate eau de Cologne, Arnys.


Eight years working in a bank, then the opportunity to achieve two dreams: the desire to run a business and that of creating his own brand. A choice as much of heart as of reason.


Enthusiastic in his hobbies and a collector, he admits to a passion for exceptional shoes, contemporary photography and 1970s sports cars. Difficult to escape his heritage.

Sylvie Loday

Sylvie was born in Princeton in the United States, to French parents. She grew up between two shores, the dynamic east coast of the U.S.A. and the calm of Brittany, where she spent her holidays. Two sensory universes, which marked her from childhood.


Here also lies the source of her appetite for travel, discovery and encountering others, which nourished her, instructed her and helped her in discovering herself. Her olfactory memories are a true melting pot, reflecting her composite culture: Brittany’s ocean and salty tides, America’s big cities, pancakes and maple syrup… She developed an inveterate addiction to cinnamon in childhood.


An engineer by trade, her thesis research in conjunction with NASA almost transported her to the moon, in allowing her to experience weightless flights.


Several years in a prestigious consulting firm allowed her to meet Givaudan, and she fell immediately for the intoxicating universe of perfumes and for the passionate and fascinating people she would meet. Then came the simple desire to create the perfumes and products that she had dreamed of but had not found, despite the multitude of existing brands. A risk for certain people, an obvious choice for her!

Benoît Verdier

Benoit was born in perfume country, Provence. He spent his childhood and teenage years between the mountains and the sea in the varying fragrances of the Mediterranean coast.


His olfactive memories are precise: he presents them like musical notes, which add themselves each to the other, without ever totally mixing. The fine sweetness of fig trees, the resin of the coastal pines in his parents’ park, the invigorating smells of the winter months, the strong odour of scrub and burnt oak carried on the wind of Maures’ wild land.


With his great fondness for know-how, he particularly appreciates exchanges with the talented personalities involved in the composition and creation of perfumes: the culture, the demanding nature, the spirit, the freedom, the doubt, so many human values exercised in this world.


Fanatical cyclist, you will run into him most often cycling in the streets of the capital. Connoisseur of vintage sneakers, avid eBay explorer and designers furniture enthusiast, he also harbours and indulges a passion for old motorbikes.