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Sublime Essence Oud

Bright and intense

Perfuming oil
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Bright and intense

A contemporary reinterpretation of “Layering”, the iconic perfuming gesture from Middle East, which consists of superimposing perfumes to sublimate them.

Quintessence of an olfactory journey in the East, the smoky notes of Incense and Wood invoke the sacred, while the natural essence of Agarwood and dry Amber reveal a bright intensity.

It will wrap into dark curls the Patchouli of MIDNIGHT SPECIAL, the Vanilla of VENENUM KISS or the Rose of May overdose of ROSE HUBRIS.

Olfactory notes
Incense, Cardamom oil
Fir Balsam, Osmanthus Absolute
Natural Agarwood essence, Amber Wood accord
Created by Olivier Pescheux