The art of personalisation

The search for perfection

Each perfume in the collection can be personalised with the highest quality ingredients. This allows to sublimate the fragrance by highlighting one of the existing olfactive facet or by giving it a new creative twist.

With the precious expertise of our perfumers, we have selected exceptional quality raw materials from around the world, such as the absolute of Rose of May from Grasse or the Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar.

The Personalisation program

EX NIHILO offers combinations enhancing the initial perfume and guaranteeing an optimal fragrance balance.

Made solely on demand, these “nectars” are weighed, respecting a strict protocol and using a high-precision dosing machine: the Osmologue, a little jewel of technology and design, whose outer coating of highly-polished brass is a respectful nod to traditional alembics.

The first prototype numbered 001 is exclusively installed at the EX NIHILO store, 352 rue Saint-Honoré in Paris.

The core of creation

In addition to a profound dialogue around the perfumery raw materials, all the creations are presented, weighed, filtered, bottled and perfected by one of our experts in front of the client.

In the same striving for excellence, we offer a personalisation service to render the glass bottle a precious object, to keep and to show.

Objects of desire

A collection of personalised caps made of refined materials such as mother of pearl, onyx, buffalo horn is proposed. The glass can also be personalised with laser engraving of a name, initials, a date or a simple, secret word.

Exclusive releases of jewelled models is also offered: embellished with precious stones (such as diamonds and sapphires), 24 carat gold, and artistic collaborations…