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oud vendôme

Travel set

A box set of 5 travel vials to carry everywhere

OUD VENDÔME, a contemporary creation based on Agarwood with a deliberate urban and 100% Parisian signature.

The fragrance opens with a spicy touch of Saffron together with Ginger and Cinnamon, giving a fresh and modern redolence to the scent. The precious accord of Agarwood, enhanced by a heart of Galbanum and Cedar Wood, is wrapped into a musky cocoon for a self-assured sensuality.

A French Agarwood, above all, a creation of its own: the East and the West colliding in the middle of Place Vendôme.

Olfactory notes
Saffron, Ginger
Galbanum, Cedar
Agarwood accord, Incense, Musk
Created by Olivier Pescheux