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Ex Nihilo is an alternative Parisian perfume house that designs personalised luxury fragrances and collaborates with the most promising creative talents. Inspired by the French Avant-Garde spirit, the house aims to challenge as much as to unite the modern and the tradition, innovation and savoir-faire.


8 exclusive fragrances created by world class perfumers based in the French capital. Only one restriction, follow the Ex Nihilo’s ethos: select the most exclusive perfumery materials, push them to their limits, dare the most unexpected combinations and do not forget that rules are made to be broken ...


Our creative team of perfumers worked with no price limit and the respect of a total creative freedom:

  • VETIVER MOLOKO « The unusual and addictive »
  • OUD VENDÔME « The Oriental Parisian »
  • ROSE HUBRIS « The full-on rose of may»
  • JASMIN FAUVE « The poisonous leather flower »
  • MUSC INFINI « The bright and sensual musk »
  • COLOGNE 352 « The Parisian Cologne »
  • BOIS D’HIVER « The iron fist in a velvet glove »
  • FLEUR NARCOTIQUE « The Floral Overdose »

Because we think that luxury is unique, the art of personalisation is at the heart of our vision.
Each of the perfumes in the Ex Nihilo’s collection can be personalised with the highest quality ingredients, to best suit the preferences of the client. This allows to sublimate the fragrance by highlighting one of the existing olfactive facet or by giving it a new creative twist. In the same thriving for excellence, our personalisation service also offers a collection of caps in refined materials and the possibility to laser engrave the glass bottle, to make it a precious object, to keep and to show.

352, rue saint-honoré Paris

The three founders chose the address: 352, rue Saint-Honoré, at the heart of the most contemporary of Parisian luxury. They called on French designer Christophe Pillet, who conceived with them an intimate and elegant venue. It shelters the “Osmologue”: an exclusive and futuristic version of a high precision fragrance dosing system that cradles the heart and the raison d’être of the brand.

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Ex Nihilo

352, Rue Saint-Honoré - 75001 Paris