Cuir Celeste

Beyond the Horizon

  • CUIR CELESTE is inspired by the iconic garment adorned daily by French photographer Mathieu César, a vintage B3 bomber jacket reworked for him by a Parisian craftsman.

    Under the auspices of EX NIHILO, he asked perfumer Quentin Bisch to create a scent evoking the protection of a Leather armor tinged with a pure Haute Couture sophistication. It mixes Leather notes with Ambrette, addictive Violet leaves, Patchouli and Musk as olfactory links between past and future.

    Discover the collaboration

  • Top
    Black Pepper, Violet Leaves, Galbanum

    Ambrette, Osmanthus

    Patchouli, Cypriol, Akigalawood, Musk, Leather notes

  • Perfumer since 2011, Quentin creates sophisticated, complex and feminine creations for EX NIHILO, sublimating the most precious raw materials of Perfumery. He also creates fragrances for shows, exhibitions and concerts.

    He also created:
    Fleur NarcotiqueFrench AffairVenenum Kiss

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