Lust in Paradise ltd.

Par Reine Paradis

  • LUST IN PARADISE as seen by the French Californian photographer Reine Paradis. In her work, Reine constructs narrative and ultra-chromatic photographs, staging herself as the central figure of surreal landscapes. She joined forces with perfumer Louise Turner to translate her colourful universe into a new iteration of LUST IN PARADISE.

    As a result, the scent is more solar and poetic, like
    a skin warmed by the Californian sun. Its signature gets more hypnotic through deep woody notes, above the limits of reality and imagination.

  • Top
    Pink Pepper

    White Peony, Lychee, Solar accord

    White Cedarwood, Musk, Amber, Georgywood, Amber Grey accord

  • Louise was born in Kent, England in. She moved into perfumery almost by chance, and since then she has created best sellers for the biggest houses. Her innovative and refined creations are often inspired by olfactory memories that she tries to bottle.

    She also created:
    Lust in ParadiseMusc InfiniMagnetize

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